Heated floor troubleshooting

Unfortunately, sometimes you can meet issues while or after heated floor installation. If your thermostat does not light up, flickering, or hating cable does not warm up, you can do a troubleshooting.

All you need to check your heating system, is a small flat screwdriver and a multimeter (digital or analog).

Remember, your heated floor system powered with line voltage, and can lead to electrical shock or even death. So if you feel uncomfortable working with live wires, ask your electrician to do this.

Remember never to touch bare wires, if you a not completely sure there is no power on them.

First check if thermostat wired according to diagram in the manual. Make sure the heating mat connected to terminals L1 (Brown wire) and N1 (Blue wire), check that power supply goes to terminals L (Black wire) and N (White wire).

The next step is to check power supply voltage, it should be 120V between Black and White cable, 120V between Black and Ground wire, 0V between White and Ground wire.

If you heating mat is 240V, it should be 240V between Black and White wires, 120V between Black and Ground, and 120V between White and Ground wires.

The third step is to check heating cable resistance. Before proceeding to this step, switch off power on the circuit by shutting off corresponding breaker.

In order to check resistance, you should disconnect heating cable wires from thermostat. Make sure, you don't touch bare wires or metal parts of multimeter probes with your fingers.

First, check resistance between Brown and Blue wires. Resistance depends on cable size and should correspond to numbers in the installation manual.

Then check Brown to Green/Yellow, and Blue to Green/Yellow wires. In both cases, multimeter should show "L" or "1" (depend on multimeter model). That means resistance is high.

If these steps did not help to find out an issue, please get in touch with us, and we will try our best to assist you.


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